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I am thankful for IKWC. It has afforded me the opportunity to meet several other sisters in Christ, who are excited about sharing their giftings with the masses. - SDJ

It is truly a blessing to be a part of the International Kingdom Women's Coalition. The sessions have been impactful and Dr. Sisco really has a heart for women. I am excited to share in covenant relationships with women from all walks of life who have purposed to come together to support and encourage one another in Christian love. It is evident that God has given a unique vision to Dr. Sisco that will help women reach their goals, pursue their passions, and fulfill the call on their lives. Through IKWC we have a tremendous opportunity to share through networking and building to become what God has designed us to be! I am so thankful for this organization that endeavors to tap into undiscovered gifts in women. If you are looking for this kind of connection then IKWC is your open door and pathway to your next level in Christ! - K. Brown

She is here! 

She is here -the sister whose shoulder is waterproof and can take our tears, listen to our fears, while she intercedes for nations.  

She is here- the energetic, contagious joy giver sister who encourages you as you live out your destiny.

She is here- the trailblazer who has tread on dangerous land to prepare a path that leads us to a brighter day.

She is here- the missionary who travels east, west, north and south who uses her mouth to speak to your heart and illuminate a cause that seems enormous for one but lives shouting “nothing shall be impossible.”

She is here-the author, the speaker, the teacher, the mother, the businesswoman, the chef, the princess, the motivator, the artist, the wisdom woman, the technologist, the psychologist.

The sister that God wants to use to push you forward to be a blessing internationally is here.

Her faces are different, but her heart is the same.

She is here for you and for me –IKWC is her name.

Meet her embrace her and the sisterhood for with love, strength and power of God with her everything is great not merely good.
KFrancette 12/23/13 for IKWC Testimony