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Our first project is complete!!  The book, R.E.W.A.R.D., by IKWC Vice President Rev. Sharon Jones has been released!   See a few of the comments about this new release!
Comment 1:  Every woman in ministry ought to read this. It is different. The style is different, but the content is oh so honest, relevant, timely and needed. I believe women in ministry all over should read this because the needs are very real and there are not many avenues for such expressions without feeling like you are being judged or feeling you have to wear a mask. I believe God gave this to you for such a time as this (I know that is an over used phrase but this is what I believe). I found myself in various places in the testimonies and I had to laugh. 

I am believing God will expand your borders and give you wisdom and the creativity you need to take this to the place He intends. This is an open door to many who will be blessed by it and I pray your strength for the journey. Not to be patronizing, but I need to get a few copies from you for a few Pastor's wives that I know. Four of these ladies that came to my heart right away are in Canada. I also need one for my sister in law and another friend in Bermuda. May the favor of God continue to rest upon your life as you go forth into purpose.

Comment 2: I just finished reading your book. It spoke to my heart dearly from start to finish. It had me in tears, not self pity tears, but tears of releasing more of my pain and allowing God to use me for His purpose even more. Chapters 5-6 really hit hard for me. The testimonies are my life. The last three chapters have given me hope allowing me to understand that I need sisters in Christ. I really love having you not only as a leader in the spiritual life but you are a real sister. I do not trust females easily, you have given me a new hope in Sisterhood in Christ and for this I am grateful. This is an act of faith for me (Sisterhood). I have to let go and continue to trust God from this point on to be the vessel He needs to live out His purpose for my life.
Dr. Deborah Nelson, founder and President of International Alliance Ministry of Servants (IAM’S), and a team of missionary Pastors and ministers recently returned from an amazing missions trip to Kenya. Below are a few pictures that captured the labor of love. 
IKWC's second project has been launched!!  Beyond the Birthing Seat, School of the Administrator, which consists of four separate modules will begin on September 17th.  One of the essential gifts in any ministry or organization is that of addministration and so often adequate training is necessary for individuals to operate at their optimal potential when peerforming such duties.  These private, inter-active session will be conducted by cutting edge visionaries and professionals in church administration and the marketplace.

To register for the training and to obtain more detailed information, please visit www.colescreativemgt.com and click on Services - Beyond the Birthing Seat.  Seating is limited, so register early!!