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IKWC was established in the fall of 2012 as a membership organization to provide useful, meaningful resources to every female leader and enhances opportunities for her to reach her greatest level of personal and professional development through networking, mentoring, training, and education. This makes it possible for her to realize her own goals, potential, and dreams. The IKWC is a collage of powerful women who willingly come together (both nationally and internationally) to serve and be served by taking each other’s vision to the next level. In doing so, we form relationships we may otherwise have never had the opportunity to begin. We are women – just like you – who acknowledge we have much to share and much to gain through an open exchange of new and valuable information, a collaboration of resources using modern technology to reach nations; and, therefore advancing the Kingdom. This alliance will empower you, my sister, to profoundly affect you…. your family…. your destiny…. the marketplace and ultimately your Kingdom region!

The symbol of IKWC is the pearl; symbolizing jewels that have been hidden until maturity! Now the pearls are ready to be cast forth for the Kingdom’s use as is the case with each IKWC woman.  

The women of IKWC meet on a monthly basis. Information regarding each meeting will be posted on our calendar.  

Dr. Wanda J. Sisco
International Kingdom Women’s Coalition, Inc.